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Best Features To Keep In Mind While Developing E-commerce App and Website

    E-Commerce apps and websites might differ by what they sell, and they will face many difficulties in maintaining too. So we are here with some guidelines that will help you build the best e-commerce apps and websites.    COVID has not only affected our healths but has also let everything down along with the business. So, if you are stuck with all these pandemic rules and not able to start with your business again, then go with E-Commerce apps or websites as it has been used a lot during this time and has helped people to grow their business.    These apps will take our business higher, increase customer retention, will increase an excellent shopping experience for the customers, and many more.   E-Commerce has been trending these days and has made the lives of common people easier. So make your business more flexible for your customers by having an app or website.   Mobile platforms provide tools for exploring a customer's journey and understanding their journey. There are many more features that need to be taken care of before developing any app or website:   Real-Time Analytics Real-time analytical information is precious and vital for a mobile E-commerce application. This feature will help you trace down your online users, most active regions, transaction history, etc. All this little information together will make it useful information to make sound marketing decisions for maximum success. So it is important to have this feature in your application or website. It will also help the admin get a better understanding of data or information without any conflict.   Security The original idea of ?? All E-commerce applications are to allow users to buy goods by tapping the screen of their smartphone. It is very imperative to keep the data secured, whether it is of user or organization. E-Commerce apps or websites require a lot of confidential data in all the processes, e.g., payment, shipping or billing address, card details, and whatnot. So while developing an app, it is essential to keep the security on high priority.    3rd Party Alliance An E-commerce company involves a variety of individual companies working together as a team. So when you start an E-Commerce business, you also have to count on a few different service providers, called third-party alliances. Therefore, you must also consider them an important element so that you can build a trustable and secure business. These third-party associations can be anyone, such as warehousing providers, logistics providers, supply partners, and so on.   Chatbot for Customer Service When it comes to interacting, chatbot support makes websites and apps more interactive. It helps you provide inquiries about general questions to your customers. This will definitely will help you save time and investment in human resources. Hence, a chatbot is the best resource and will add a great addition to your eCommerce websites and apps.    CRM System Customer Relation Management(CRM) is a versatile system that will allow you to implement several tasks to achieve a particular target, i.e., managing a healthy relationship with your customers. It allows you to lead your marketing strategies, execution and reporting while helping to get, maintain, and evaluate customer data in the most productive way possible. So it is a great idea to have this system for your shopping apps.   These are the fundamental requirements that must be kept in mind before developing an eCommerce website or application. So now do not let COVID ham your business, get everything done online, and make your business easier, reach your customers with eCommerce apps and websites.   Also Read: DIFFERENT STRATEGIES TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITH ONLY FANTASY APP HOW CAN GROCERY APPS HELP YOU TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS IN THIS PANDEMIC PERIOD?  

Different Strategies to Expand Your Business

      Thinking of starting a business can be easy, but creating a new business by developing your customer base is important to your business's success. However, this can sometimes be very difficult as there are many competitors in the market.   Rapid growth doesn't happen overnight, but you need to take several steps to move your business forward. It requires time, effort, and a few points to make it happen. If you are still striving and want a few alternatives to grow your business, then the below-mentioned points will definitely help you in many ways.   1.Understand Your Existing Customers Customers are the backbone of any business. The consumers who have already bought from you are more likely to do so again, especially if they have a positive customer service experience. So, understanding your existing customers and resolving their issues will help you get more customers, increase sales, or improve a company's value.                                                        2.Utilize Social Media      Social Media has become the most generous thing when it comes to promoting anything. It will help you promote your business and gain valuable insights, which will help you understand what customers actually think about you and what else they expect. With this, you can identify their requirements, reach out to new customers, and improve your business.   3.Provide Best Deals This is one of the best ways to increase sales of your brand as customers always approach discounted brands. Providing discounts or offers to customers will also help your brand reach out to many other customers. So, give the best deals for your customers and grow instantly.                             4.Attend Network Events If you attend market events, you will build your networks. As always said, "It is not what you know but who you know." Networking will help you understand the market, build your relationship with other people, and encourage them to refer other customers. This way, you will reach out to many people, and you will have new opportunities.                         5.Measure Past Work and Refine it Every business must monitor past experiences to measure whether your products or marketing activities are successful. If you experiment with things, you will learn new and unique techniques that will help you boom in the market. So, refine your approach, if you lack somewhere, understand that, work on it, and give your customers the best results.   6. Improve Customer Service If we are stuck somewhere, we every time reach us to the customer service team; if they don't help you in any way, we get disappointed and try to avoid that product. So it is very vital to provide the best customer service to your customers. Customers will not only remember you're great service but will also refer your brand to other people.                             7.Referral Program Attracting new customers is never a bad idea. One way to improve your business is to ask your existing customers for referrals. With this, you can also provide some benefits for those customers who will refer their friends or family members. This way, you can reach maximum people and grow your business easily.   There is n number of strategies that will help you grow your business, but finding out what goes well for you is the first task. Patience is all that is important while growing your business as patience and hard work will definitely pay you one day. So do not stop, keep growing. Read More Blog:   HOW CAN GROCERY APPS HELP YOU TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS IN THIS PANDEMIC PERIOD? HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITH ONLY FANTASY APP WHAT IS FANTASY APP?

How To Start A Business With Only Fantasy App

  Fantasy App: Fastest Growing Apps to Grow Business Fantasy apps are trending these days and are the best ways to generate business to the next level. Today, the demand for the development of fantasy sports applications is world-class.    Every sports enthusiast with a business mind wants to create their own sports like cricket and football with an application such as Dream11. If you dream of creating a platform for an imaginative sports game to play in the league and make money then you are in the right place.    In a competitive market, a product must stand out as unique and should have something more attractive to sell to users than its competitors. Our organization comes up with the best web, iOS, or Android developers to give the best fantasy app to you.    We have also created such an application with the name Mybat11 for your reference which is giving a tough competition to all other fantasy apps. Our Mybat11 application has grown towards great success and if you are still lacking behind and looking for something interesting for live updates, highlights, short clips, etc about cricket, then you can opt for this app.   Our team of experienced and qualified developers will help you turn your idea into a feature-rich and easy-to-use application that works to achieve your business goals.   Major Features   Fantasy apps are very useful for developing any fantasy cricket app that will become the center of attraction for users. But for that, you need to put on special features where a few of them are listed below:   Virtual Team: This is an imperative feature that will help you create a virtual team of your choice adding your own favorite cricketers and you can play it with your fellow mates.   Quiz Play: These activities will help you add additional fun to your fantasy app. Adding this feature to your app will help you increase user’s knowledge about cricket.    Winners Prediction: An app betting quiz is available and if users predict the right events, they will be awarded reward points. They are also offered the opinions of cricket experts placed in the application.   Team & Player Info: This is an additional feature that will showcase the profile of a player where users will get more detailed information about the player like current form, batting average, last match performance, selection ratio, and many other aspects.   Live Performance: There is another option to add live game results, where users can check live scores to keep track of their players' performances and predict the final score of the game along with the match.   Live Match Scores: Matches of cricket, the match between teams can be watched live in the app, along with game highlights, player performance, and expert analysis anywhere.   Match Highlights: This feature will help you re-engage your users as they can enjoy matches after it gets completed. This option will give you short videos, awards, scoreboards, prediction reports, and much more.   Referral Task to Invite & Earn: If you are already a user of this app, then you can recommend it to your friends and win a bonus that will later help you participate in different contests.   Push Notification: You do not have to open the app and sit to see the notifications, in such cases as app updates, upcoming matches, results updates, live matches or leagues, or nearby tournaments. The administrator monitors all updates and sends them to the user on a regular basis.   Payment Modes: The application offers various payment gateways, such as cash payment, debit/credit card, online banking, and even e-wallets. Through e-wallets, bonus amounts can be transferred directly or, if necessary, easily withdrawn.   Follow & Chat: This functionality allows the users to follow other users and chat with them to discuss the strategies of the match, or to discuss any related concerns.   Isn’t it amazing to have such features in your apps? Do not delay, and get your best Fantasy App developed by our professionals. Along with this, we also provide security where the data will be secured and is also integrated with a smart and robust security system. Also Read:-   HOW CAN GROCERY APPS HELP YOU TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS IN THIS PANDEMIC PERIOD?

How Can Grocery Apps Help You To Grow Your Business In This Pandemic Period?

    Mobile apps undoubtedly are on peak. During this pandemic, it has become difficult for people to go out, and to protect everyone from COVID-19, social distancing is being followed. So, the Grocery App plays a significant role here. Not only this, but in today's time, people have to go through a hectic schedule, and they hardly find time to do their household work. In this schedule, the time they get is spent on their personal care.  But in all these, there are also some imperative tasks that need to be taken care of, i.e., grocery shopping which is not possible during this crisis. Rather than stepping out of the house and going out to the grocery store, it is really a tough task to carry all that heavy stuff. There is always an answer for everything, and for such issues, Grocery Applications will do wonders. Now, all you need to do is just pick up your phone, place an order as per your requirement, and have everything at your doorstep. There are n number of sellers and a number of buyers on this platform. You will be easily connected to the best grocery stores and have all that you want. Not just that, but you'll even save your money and profit on supermarket shopping because it's far less than in retail markets. Features:  The improvements induced by e-commerce in grocery stores is responsive rather than creative. The development of e-commerce in grocery has surpassed retail sales of bricks and mortar in developed and developing countries. There are even other explanations why you would choose for grocery applications: Convenience: Going and purchasing a supermarket store is incredibly challenging for people at college because it requires too much time. For grocery shopping applications, however, with only a few clicks, anybody can purchase groceries straight from the store. So now, you don't have to wait in the queue, just get everything delivered at your doorstep. Huge Discount: Another advantage of having this app is that it allows you to offer your clients discounts. So it will attract more of its customers. Rich Variety: It is quite frustrating when you go out to a local store but fail to find the item of your needs; in that case, grocery apps will come to the rescue and will supply the consumers with enough varieties. Easy Categorization: Classes are described separately to help consumers select the stuff easily. Thus, a mobile application is important for achieving new heights in your company.   Conclusion There's no question that the Grocery software is still growing and helping customers embrace different innovations. Supermarket store owners have recognized the value of the on-demand services that are offered by a supermarket device. So, if you have a grocery store and want to build the best grocery shopping app for your company, then. and expanding is high time your business promptly. This is due to the fact that the growth of the grocery store will definitely be a booming market in the near future.  Also, a number of customers are willing to wait for their favorite grocery store online services. And no doubt more customers will be involved soon and this can only be possible due to COVID-19. So don't waste your time; instead, go and develop your own application for groceries to reach maximum customers.   Contact Us: [email protected]


  Fantasy Apps belong to the category Fantasy Sports (defined by Indian Law). It's an online game where you build a virtual team of actual cricket players and score points in real-life matches based on how your chosen players do. To win a tournament you have to work to achieve the maximum points and the No. 1 rank on the leader-board. e.g. ICC IPL Fantasy league, IPL 2019 Fantasy league, etc… Fantasy Cricket A Fantasy match is focused on batting and bowling instructions that are the cricketing strategy's highly contested neighborhood. A slight change in order can change the game course. The definition consists of choosing a squad of 11 members from the player pool who will play the match. These are no spending limits and the allocation of players is not restricted to a fixed number of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. A fantasy team can have any sort of player. During a Fantasy Cricket Game, the key objective is to outscore the competition by the largest possible margin. you will play virtual cricket matches in all three international forms: One Day International, Twenty20, and Test Cricket. The legality of Fantasy Cricket in India: Gambling, Wagering, Betting are some of the words that are considered illegal in India by the general public but actually, there are A number of fantasy games that are 100% legitimate and genuine to play. Fantasy cricket is known as an ability game comparable to other sports such as running on horseback. Fantasy Cricket for Cash is at the center of three diverse spokes in the market, namely Web, Esports, and Cricket. Now you'll play almost any sports over these fantasies applications, here is that the list of some prominent sports which are available because the Fantasy Apps. Cricket Football Rugby Kabbadi Hockey Baseball   What we are Doing We provide both custom solutions as well as from-scratch development depending on your requirements. We have an expert team of highly professional’s individuals who are more than capable to handle start-ups as well as pre-established businesses. Discuss your plans today and pave the way to the future of online gaming. Contact Us: [email protected]


    Integrate the Magneto E-Commerce with Amazon and be confident about fast increases in sales. Seamless Integration You would have constantly organized product lists, inventory, and order details from the convenience and comfort of the Magento Admin. Intelligent Pricing About 90% (~82%) of the Amazon Buy Box revenues come from the location. Leverage Magento’s competitive intelligent repricing to automatically reprice your Amazon listings to extend the probabilities of winning the Buy Box. Listing Management Listing Management Listing Management Easily tests which items synchronize with your Amazon business using the listing guidelines, and create new products from Amazon lists in Magento. Fulfillment Management Fulfill your own orders, use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or a combination of both to get orders into your customer's hands. Order Management Order Management Manage your orders from a centralized location within the Magento sales order grid Send or cancel orders and build client profiles from a single screen. Inventory Management Maintain alignment of product between the store and the Amazon lists automatically. Utilize inventory marketing tactics on Amazon to extend the urgency of the customer. Business Pricing (B2B) B2B functionality allows merchants with business accounts to get from one another with the expected performance of the shopping experience within Amazon. With B2B pricing, you can offer other businesses tiered pricing based on the quantity purchased. Looking for Magento Development Partner? Contact [email protected] #magento #appicsoftwares #wewilldoit credits @Magento


  Here is the complete guide! Doesn't your WordPress platform manage the current product enough? Do you need a scalable platform for your E-Commerce need? Magento is the perfect option for you here....... Migration is often considered a tricky task and if not done right can have an adverse effect on the site as a whole. Emerging technologies have made it possible for a website migration to be carried out in a manner in which site traffic does not go down. The most complex form of migration is that of sites with a lot of details, e.g. eCommerce sites. The migration of a WordPress web site to a Magento application requires a large number of procedures. Team Appic has interacted on a number of WordPress to Magento migrations and we assembled an innovative step-by-step migration method that covers all facets to prevent unwanted journeys. Below are the basic measures for transferring WordPress websites to a Magento framework: Install and configure the server Magento Setup. Login to the admin panel of the WordPress website and create the same user roles in the Magento backend. Layout the interface and extra Magento functionality as per consumer need, such as scan, product display, shopping cart, etc. Creating articles & blogs on the Magento platform and manually importing material from the current WordPress website. Create Header, Menu, Logo, Slider & Footer manually. Products Export – We will export the products along with its description, categories, size/quantity, price into an excel by logging in the backend of the WordPress website and the excel sheet will be converted into Magento format. We will import WordPress photos of the items and the same will be imported into the Magento folder layout. Both the excel sheet and images will be uploaded by logging in to backend and FTP respectively. OR We will switch bulk goods and their information (categories, orders) using the export plug-in for commodity. Configure the shipping method and shipping fee manually. Integration of Payment method and payment gateway as per customer requirement. All the additional features like newsletter subscription, inquiry form, live chat, social streams, etc available in WordPress can also be adopted in Magento. Magento functionality such as Brand filtering, robust search tools may also be introduced to the website as requested by the consumer. Testing on both design and functionality in the Magento website. And the WordPress to Magento migration cycle is completed! For any Magento, related development contact us @ [email protected]

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